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Eastern Region Properties is the managing agent for full title complexes, sectional title complexes and rental buildings.

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About Us

The complete property management solution with the Professional Touch

Eastern Region Properties' core business is property management services for full title complexes, sectional title complexes and rental buildings across Gauteng.

Initially trading as Times Two Properties, we combined forces with practicing attorneys in 2014 to form Eastern Region Properties, creating a business with combined experience, skill and legal knowledge of several decades.

We refuse to compromise when it comes to service and client satisfaction, and will always go out of our way to ensure fast and efficient results. We understand that no two properties are the same therefore aim to create tailor-made property management solutions with a hands-on approach and good old-fashioned personal service.

  • The service of Eastern Region Properties is complete in every aspect. Statements to clients incorporate the charges for levies, rentals, electricity, water, garden services or any other property related charge. This means that clients need to make only one payment per month for all services. If electricity is included amongst the services, all other services gain the benefits of electricity credit control.
  • Economy of scale makes it possible for Eastern Region Properties to provide its service as managing agent, as well as the services for property maintenance at the lowest possible rates.
  • Eastern Region Properties also launched a one-of-a-kind product that puts the entire management into the hands of the Body Corporates/Homeowner Associations/Building Owners. In this scenario Eastern Region Properties act only as a consultant leaving all the control to the client.

Eastern Region Properties is a registered member of the Estate Agency Affairs Board and holder of a fidelity certificate.

Services we offer

Upkeep and maintenance of building and common property

Consisting of regular inspection, repairs and maintenance and compilation of specifications for new work.

Human resource management and payroll

Employee payments/salaries, labour legislation and employees' service contracts.

Long-term and short-term insurance

Arranging combined insurance, determining of replacement values, fidelity insurance and processing of insurance claims.

Accounting services

Complete finance management including accounting policies, live unaudited financial statements, payment of expenses, annual audit and annual budgets.

Interactive Website

Our interactive website uses live data, giving directors/owners and trustees 24/7 access to the most recent available data.

All owners can access their individual statements and public documents (minutes of meetings, financial statements, rules, etc.). Owners can use their account number as login-ID.

Trustees or directors is able to obtain the monthly income/expense, balance sheet, levy roll, actuals vs. budget and all debtors statements on the website.

General administration of Body Corporate and Homeowners Associations (HOA) affairs

Rules: Assistance and advice is offered with regard to the rules as stipulated by the Trustees/Directors.

Execution of instructions: As managing agents, we take instructions from the Trustees/Directors, but also see it as our duty to inform the Trustees/Directors on the legalities in making decisions on behalf of the Body Corporate/HOA.

Record Keeping: We keep complete records of our administration and advise the members of the Body Corporate/HOA of anything we may consider may have a detrimental effect on the value or amenities of the development.


Levy & Collect and credit control.

We collect all payments due from all the members of the Body Corporate/HOA. The funds are received into our Trust account. We open a Sage Pay account in the name of the Body Corporate/HOA. All funds will be transferred from our trust account into the this account on a monthly basis or as per instruction from the Trustees/Directors.

Collection: Eastern Region Properties boasts a very effective debit order system for the collection of monthly contributions, with alternative payment methods such as Internet transfers also available.

Credit Control: We implement credit control measures on behalf of the Body Corporate/HOA to ensure that owners who do not pay their contributions on time, don't drain the resources of the Body Corporate/HOA. We send reminder notes to owners who are in arrears, negotiate with attorneys in the case of serious offenders and charge interest on overdue amounts.

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All owners can access their individual statements and public documents (minutes of meetings, financial statements, rules, etc.). Owners can use their account number as login-ID. Only Trustees/Directors can access Management documents (levy rolls, income statements, etc.). If you need assistance with the website, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Eastern Region Properties

The complete property management solution with the Professional Touch.

Please contact us for your tailor-made proposal.

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